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For me, the most important (and interesting!) part of post-production is the workflow. Creating the route followed by the raw footage and multitudinous assets towards the finished product is crucial. It is impossible to 'wing it': there are far too many moving pieces in the machine to improvise.

I consider workflow my specialty. Creating a post-production workflow requires participation in both above the line and below the line aspects of production. Meeting the needs of each side of production in the design of a workflow is a complicated balancing act. I focus on enabling both sides to communicate their goals so that those with creative control feel empowered and those executing the process have all the tools they require.

Production is a complicated relationship. Communication and planning are paramount to success.


entry-level javascript, html5, css3; experience with jquery, nodejs, & bootstrap


Code is Cool

I started studying coding and web development because interactive media has always fascinated me. Interactivity is a means through which ideas can be conveyed through all the avenues of traditional media but in an active and user-engaging form.

This is meangingful for both artistic and commercial purposes. As artists, all of our works are culminations of ideas and meaning expressed in our preferred medium. Allowing our users to explore and dwell in those ideas first-hand creates a new level of empathy and freedom to explore the messages conveyed. Commercially, much the same is true. The interactive web is the new storefront; giving users an experience that represents the brand with meaningful and memorable interactivity is a powerful business tool.

My role is to figure out how to give the users an experience that conveys those ideas. This requires an understanding both of the user perspective and of the clients expectations. Success as a developer of interactive experiences is conveying the ideas of the client in a form understood intuitively by the user.


examining the manifestation of ideas through user interaction

About the Blog

This is where I write about video game stuff. They are more than just unapologetic manshooters (well, some of them). Some of them contain really cool ideas about user experience. Some about more than that. It's worth talking about.

the blog is here but i really need to write something


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